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Products: ties and strings, strands, anti-slip paper

Ties and strings


Our range of agricultural ties (paper strings and ropes) are biodegradable and perfectly meet the requirements of modern, environmentally conscious agriculture. Our products have been used in viticulture, horticulture, arboriculture or floristry for more than 25 years. Applications have also been developed for packaging.


Anti-slip paper

Stabilizes your palletized products at very low cost.

Reduces the number and cost of transportation damage litigation, and improves the image of your business.

Reduces or eliminates temporary packaging for internal conveying.

Reduces other packaging consumables (angles, wrapping, etc.)

Allows to increase the height of the pallet.



Our stuffing strands are paper cords intended, among other things, for producers of electric cables.

The packing strands exist in the form of a drum, crown and bobbin.

Our Toronpail® line of handcrafted strands are ideal for chair reseating and decorating.

Staking twine

bobine biofil 2.png

BIOFIL, the 100% biodegradable and biocompostable cellulose string that is revolutionizing the cultivation of climbing plants: Tomato, raspberry, cucumber ...


The strengths of BIOFIL

- Time saving

- Very competitive price

- No treatment to apply

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