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Anti-slip paper

GRIPmaster® or how to eliminate your risk of handling or transport accidents

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Without GRIPmaster

With GRIPmaster


Gripmaster data sheet

Advantages linked to its strong anti-slip power:

  • Stabilizes your palletized products at very low cost.

  • Reduces the number and cost of transportation damage litigation, and improves the image of your business.


  • Reduces or eliminates temporary packaging for internal conveying.


  • Reduces other packaging consumables (angles, wrapping, etc.)


  • Allows to increase the height of the pallet.

Environmentally friendly papers

Our ecru anti-slip papers are made from 100% non-chlorine bleached or de-inked waste paper. They are ideal for customers who want to get involved in an environmental approach, and show it.

In addition, their full recyclability facilitates their recovery after use.


Their suitability for food contact allows the most diverse applications in complete safety.


The formats are adaptable to your needs.


Possibility of producing anti-slip paper on one side for use in lamination (corrugated cardboard, honeycomb, etc.)


  • Pallet interlayer: Ensures perfect stabilization of your palletized products during their internal movements (intra or inter-site conveying) and external (delivery to your customers), eliminating the risk of breakage and transport damage.


  • Protective sheet (in heavy grammage) between the lost pallet and the first layer of products, in order to eliminate the risk of deterioration due to splinters, nail heads, etc. while optimizing the retention of the products on the pallet.


  • In the field of communication, thanks to its silky "peach skin" appearance, GRIPmaster® is greatly appreciated as a substitute for the classic cardboard bottom for all notepads and similar products. No more media that slide on the desk while writing!


  • In the field of catering for non-slip placemats.

Available weights: 

Ecru: 110, 130, 150, 190, 225 g / m²

White: 115 g / m²

Available in sheets or coils


Manual or robotic use

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